Stoner Snacks Series

Catzie: If you’ve been following us for a while (we’re talking about you, Jackie) then you know that we’ve been trying to update GS in the absence of our fab photographer Fawn, who know lives on the left coast. While we’ve been trying to fend for ourselves using iPhones cameras and hijacking other people’s digi SLRs, we know nothing compares to Fawn’s eye for composition, lighting and focus. That being said we (we meaning Catzie and Tina) decided to start the Stoner Snacks Series, a delightful array of recipes we make for no apparent reason other than being hungry – and the photos will just be whatevs, out-of-focus, poorly lit, camera shakes, you name it, we did it high wrong. more after the jump

Little Itty Buns and a Big Wing Wong

Catzie: For this Glutton Slut post, we have another special road trip in not just one city and state but two! First stop is North Jersey, where many have gone and passed but never really stop to sample the… err, whatever they have there. Of course any body passing North Jersey from Philly is obviously on their way to the Big Apple, but since we’ve never done a post on our favorite underdog of a Garden State we figured we’ll just get two-in-one and be done.

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